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APDR was formally registered in Peshawar, Pakistan under Societies Registration Act in May 2011. Before its formal registration, the society was active since the devastating July 2010 floods in Pakistan and raised funding and distributed relief goods in the flood affected areas.  A group of volunteers helping and raising funds for the flood victims were encouraged by the public response that it was decided to establish an organization to work for the promotion of peace, tolerance and for the rights of disabled people in the country. At present, APDR has a small team of two full time and one part time staff and 4 part time volunteers. APDR is managed by an experienced board of directors and executive committee.

APDR is a full member of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) and Control Arms Coalition. APDR is raising awareness about the devastating impacts of landmines, small arms and other weapons. Activities are undertaken in schools and community and Mine Risk Education Sessions in the target areas. APDR is also undertaking community mobilization, networking & referral and conducting training and capacity building of stakeholders (religious scholars, media people, community representatives, and community elders). APDR is involved in advocacy at national level through involving the media, religious scholars and civil society to address and reduce the land mines incidents. Persons with disabilities (PWDs) have been the center of attention in all these interventions connected to child protection and Mine Risk Education. APDR is coordinating with other local and national NGOs for greater rights for disabled people in the country. APDR has ongoing fundraising activities for the rehabilitation of disabled children and rely on personal and Corporate donations and have so far rehabilitated 5 disabled children since April 2011. APDR has a list of disabled children awaiting treatments and rehabilitation.  As the funding is limited, therefore, the rehabilitation process is slow and is done when donations are received.

Currently, We are looking for supporters to develop the Alliance and support its activities in the country. We have a special focus on collaboration and linkages development. We are a relatively new organization and are working hard to increase our membership and partnerships with local, national and international organizations and donors. APDR would therefore, like to work together with The World Rehabilitation Fund and contribute to the efforts for peace and disability rights around the world.




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